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    A Film By Mehrded Ghaffarzadeh

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    A Film By Mehrded Ghaffarzadeh

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The Sea & Flying Fish (2014)

Director: Mehrdad Ghaffar Zadeh
Producer: Amir Poor Kian
Screenwriter: Mehrdad Ghaffar Zadeh & Akbar Rooh.
Cast: Niusha Zeyghami , Homayoun Ershadi , Nader Fallah
Time: 90 min

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The Receiver (2012)

Director: Mehrdad Ghaffar Zadeh
Producer: Mohammad Ghahremani & DEFC
Screenwriter: Mehrdad Ghaffar Zadeh.
Director of Photography: Ashkan Ashkani & Ali Mohammad zade
Sound Recorder: Vahid Moghaddasi
Set & Costume Design: Babak Panahi
Make- up: Soudabeh Khosravi
Production Manager: Mojtaba Amini Editor: Mehdi hosseinivand
Sound Mixer: Seyed Alireza Alavian
Music: Behzad Abdi
Cast: Saeed Rad, Mohammad Reza Sharifi Nia, Mohammad Reza Ghafari, Chakame Chamanmah, Nima Shahrokh Shahi, Siamak Atlasi, Mir Taher Mazloumi & Bagher Sahraroodi
Time: 90 min
Synopsis: Haj Samad is a van driver in a remote town and he works in a factory. In a mission he has to take the letters of people to an airport in another city. These letters had been collected during president’s provincial trip. He faces different events during his mission. 

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Future Projects

Future Projects Of Mehrdad Ghaffarzadeh Will Be Shown Here Soon.